Delta and Omicron Combine into New “Deltacron” COVID-19 Variant – Here Are All the Symptoms to Look Out for!

Delta and Omicron Combine into New “Deltacron” COVID-19 Variant – Here Are All the Symptoms to Look Out for!

Researchers have discovered a brand new coronavirus variant which is actually the result of two previous variants combining – omicron and delta – appropriately dubbing it deltacron.

More precisely, according to a study published earlier this week on medRxiv, it appears that this new variant has the spike protein of omicron and the body of delta.

That being said, as this new variant emerges and spreads more and more, you might want to know the most common symptoms as to correctly identify it in case you have been exposed.

As it turns out, since deltacron is a result of two previous variants coming together, it makes sense that the symptoms you might experience when infected with it are specific to both delta and omicron.

As you probably know, the delta variant came first, starting to spread throughout the United States in the late summer and early fall of last year, which delayed the country’s hopes to return to normalcy.

At the time, The Food and Drug Administration released a list of 8 main symptoms for people to look out for:

–       Coughing or a sore throat

–       Fever and chills

–       Fatigue or low energy

–       Nausea

–       Headaches

–       Common cold-like symptoms

–       Loss of smell

–       Loss of taste.

When the delta cases started to dip in numbers and frequency, people got really hopeful that the pandemic’s end was finally right around the corner.

However, scientists discovered another, far more transmissible variant on Thanksgiving weekend last year!

It was identified in South Africa for the first time and was quick to spread all over the world, as per Desert News.

Around January, the symptoms most associated with this new variant were shared with the public.

It was Business Insider that first published a total of 14 symptoms as per data from the Zoe COVID Symptom Study.

These are:

–       Headache

–       Runny nose

–       Sneezing

–       Fatigue

–       Persistent cough

–       Sore throat

–       Chills or shivers

–       Hoarse voice

–       Dizziness

–       Fever

–       Muscle pain

–       Brain fog

–       Chest pain

–       Loss of smell.

Even though the newly mixed variant will undoubtedly come with a mix of these symptoms as well, the chief science officer at Helix, William Lee, assured everyone via USA Today that deltacron does not actually pose a particular threat to the population.

The reason for this is the low amount of cases.

Lee stated that “The fact that there is not that much of it, that even the two cases we saw were different, suggests that it’s probably not going to elevate to a variant of concern level.”

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