Death Toll Caused By Recent Earthquake in Haiti Exceeds 2,200 Souls

Death Toll Caused By Recent Earthquake in Haiti Exceeds 2,200 Souls

Haiti has been through a strong earthquake about a week ago that left behind some terrible aftermaths. The country even imposed a state of emergency after at least 304 people lost their lives and about 1,800 suffered injuries. The magnitude 7.2 jolt hit Haiti on July 14.

Meanwhile, the disaster gained different proportions. The words of Nadesha Mijoba from the Haitian Health Foundation say everything, as quoted by the BBC:

We are preparing for a public health disaster,

The sanitation situation is quite critical… it is our hope that we don’t have an outbreak of cholera.

The death toll from the earthquake has now reached over 2,200 people, while 344 are still missing, according to the Civil Protection Agency from Haiti.

According to, officials say that over 12,260 people got injured in the earthquake, while an estimated 53,000 houses got destroyed.

Problems in distributing aid

According to AP, the security situation in the country is making it difficult for the government and relief groups to distribute aid.

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The state of emergency imposed in Haiti affects Western Department, Grand A’ Anse, Nippes, and Southern Department.
NBC News wrote a few days ago:

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake jolted Haiti this morning. Buildings turned to rubble and hospitals are overwhelmed as there are already 200 confirmed dead.

A major earthquake registers from 7 to 7.9 on the Richter scale. While the recent Haitian earthquake reached a 7.2 magnitude, it’s obvious that it qualifies as a major jolt.

Haiti is a Caribbean country sharing the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic to the east. Haiti has a population of about 11.5 million people.


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