Covid In Israel: Lifting Restrictions Amidst All-Time High Infections

Covid In Israel: Lifting Restrictions Amidst All-Time High Infections

Israel has been making headlines recently due to the massive number of new coronavirus infections that have been reported in the country. 

Just a few days ago, it was revealed that The Times of Israel reported a new all-time high for covid infections. Chyeck out the latest reports from the online publication.

Israel records an all-time high number of coronavirus infections 

According to the latest reports, Israel managed to record the highest ever number of new coronavirus infections – these were drives by Omicron – the latest covid variant, which we already addressed.

Not too long ago, we were revealing that three covid 19 shots would not be enough to stop the Omicron covid variant. This is what Ugur Sahin, the CEO of vaccine developer BioNTech.

“We must be aware that even triple-vaccinated are likely to transmit the disease,” he told French daily Le Monde.

He added this: 

“It is obvious we are far from 95 percent effectiveness that we obtained against the initial virus.” notes that Sahin said vaccine efficacy dropped against the Omicron covid variant.

Israel lifts restrictions 

According to the latest reports, Israel has decided to scrap its “red list” of destinations with high covid 19 infection rates, the Health Ministry announced on Thursday.

“The ministry’s director-general, Prof. Nachman Ash, said travel restrictions on all countries are lifted, as local omicron infections – which contributed to a record number of new cases confirmed on Wednesday – render travel bans futile in preventing the spread of coronavirus.”

It’s been also reported that the decision, pending government approval:

“applies to Israeli citizens or residents, as well as foreign tourists, who have to be either vaccinated or recovered to enter Israel.”

The same article notes that Israel will permit travel to and from countries which include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Mexico, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

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