Covid China Origins: Viral Review Makes Headlines

Covid China Origins: Viral Review Makes Headlines

It’s been just revealed that there are two scientists who failed to provide a shred of evidence that Covid 19 was engineered and leaked from a lab. 

As you probably know by now, ever since the first reports of a novel coronavirus outbreak in China, the origins of Covid 19 have been steeped in controversy.

The Guardian analyzes if the novel coronavirus is or is not the result of a natural spillover event from animals to humans or if it is a product of a laboratory. 

Analyzing the origins of the novel coronavirus 

The same online publication notes the fact that Alina Chan and Matt Ridley are similarly puzzled why, if the virus had a natural origin, it was first detected in Wuhan and not closer to Yunnan, 900 miles to the south.


“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in the world…” they write. The Guardian writes the following: 

“The stakes could not be higher: if the virus was engineered in a Chinese lab and deliberately released on the world, it would amount to the crime of the century.”

We suggest that you check out more details about the origins of the novel coronavirus in the original article posted by The Guardian. 

China’s terrible events involving covid 19 

Earlier today, we revealed that terrible news that freaked out the whole world is making headlines these days. And the source is none other than China. Check out the latest reports that CNN revealed.

Their article begins by saying that a dog was slaughtered in China while his owner was in a nearby hotel to quarantine during Covid 19. 

“The door opens and two people dressed in full hazmat suits enter the living room, one carrying a crowbar and another a yellow plastic bag,” CNN notes. 

Check out our previous article about the issue. 

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