Concerning Data Suggests That Guns Represent Leading Cause of Death for US Children and Teenagers

Concerning Data Suggests That Guns Represent Leading Cause of Death for US Children and Teenagers

Carrying guns around is certainly not something that should be neglected. Researchers from the University of Michigan have discovered that back in 2020, more children and teenagers from the US have died as a result of gunshots than because of drugs or car accidents, according to Sky News.

Compared to the preceding year, there has been an increase of 29% in the number of gun-related deaths among children and teenagers in the US in 2020: over 4,300 deaths were reported.

The crisis is becoming more intense

As for the number of deaths caused by vehicle accidents among children and teenagers, it was about 3,900. On the other hand, the number of deaths for the same age group that had to do with drugs has reached 1,700.

It seems that urgent measures are needed, and it will be interesting to keep track of how the situation will continue.

Rebecca Cunningham, who is vice president for research at the university, explained as Sky News quotes:

Firearm violence is one of the most critical challenges facing our society, and based on the latest federal data, this crisis is growing more and more intense, 

As a nation, we turn to scientific evidence to prevent injuries and deaths, and firearms should be no different. Michigan has incredible expertise in this space, and we will continue to use our collective knowledge to create safer and more vibrant communities nationwide.

Jason Goldstick, the co-author of the article showing the findings, explained, as the same source quotes:

In the last 40 years, and almost certainly before that, this is the first time that firearm injuries have surpassed motor vehicle crashes among kids.

The new findings were published in a new article in the New England Journal of Medicine. 

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