CBSNews Argues That Children With Obesity Should Receive “Aggressive” Treatment

CBSNews Argues That Children With Obesity Should Receive “Aggressive” Treatment

According to the latest news coming from mainstream media, children with obesity should be “treated” aggressively. It looks like experts are not focused anymore on prevention but on aggressive treatments and even surgery. Check out the latest disturbing reports.

Obesity treatment for children 

According to the original article, “Waiting doesn’t work,” said Dr. Ihuoma Eneli, co-author of the first guidance on childhood obesity in 15 years from the American Academy of Pediatrics. “What we see is a continuation of weight gain and the likelihood that they’ll have (obesity) in adulthood.”

Here’s what someone commented, and they are completely right:

Someone said: “What happened to encouraging your kids to exercise and not feeding them junk food? Childhood obesity isn’t an issue in most other countries. It’s almost unheard of.”

Another follower posted this: “Surgery and drugs for kids over education on healthy food and activity? This is why people don’t trust big pharma and even more l, the news. #cbs #nbc #cnn #abc.”

Obesity is a health condition that has to be taken extremely seriously these days. But unfortunately, mainstream media is doing all that it can to normalize it. Just remember when the covid vaccine was advertised together with Mcdonald’s. Does this seem healthy to you? 

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