Castration Could Help Men Live a Much Longer Life, Says a New Study

Castration Could Help Men Live a Much Longer Life, Says a New Study

Although none of us like the idea of becoming old, the paradox is that most of us want to live a long life. While the global average life expectancy is 72.6 years, as calculated by the United Nations for 2019, many people would like to live longer than that. And if you’re a man who’s not a big hit with the ladies, you might be interested in what a new study has to say.

According to Daily Mail, a new study conducted by epigeneticist Victoria Sugrue from the University of Otago, New Zealand, and her colleagues, has found that male sheep who were castrated could live about 60 percent longer, as the ageing of DNA could be delayed. This grants some hope, as the researchers suggest that the technique could also work for humans.

The study can help in other ways as well

According to the research team, the intriguing new idea could be very useful within farms. It can allow farmers to tell which sheep will be more productive and which will live longer.

Victoria Sugrue seems to be very proud about the new study, as she declared while quoted by Daily Mail:

Both farmers and scientists have known for some time that castrated male sheep live on average much longer than their intact counterparts,
However, this is the first time anyone has looked at DNA to see if it also ages slower.

The research team created an epigenetic clock for sheep to compare how the DNA ages, meaning a tool that works as a measure of biological ageing that’s based on methyl groups. The team was able to understand and compare how castrated and intact males are ageing by analyzing a large number of these animals for calibrating their clock.

Feel free to tell us in a comment if you would be willing to get rid of your “pieces of jewellery” for living a longer life!


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