Alligator Attacks and Cripples Old Man in Flooded Waters of Louisiana After the Ida Hurricane

Alligator Attacks and Cripples Old Man in Flooded Waters of Louisiana After the Ida Hurricane

Americans have to deal with Hurricane Ida and its merciless wrath, as it caused catastrophic damage in and around New Orleans. The event left over one million homes and businesses without power, according to The Guardian.

Such a powerful hurricane could only trigger other awful scenarios as well. USA Today announces that officials reveal that an alligator attacked a man in some of the flooded Louisiana waters. The attack occurred near the city of Slidell. Jason Gaubert, who’s a spokesman of the St. Tammany Fire District No. 1, revealed for USA TODAY that the attack took the man’s arm off.

The man’s body wasn’t recovered

The man’s wife went to seek help, but when she came back, the man had disappeared in the flood waters. Officials started investigating, but the body wasn’t recovered.

At some point, the man attacked by the alligator was helped to make it out of the flood waters. But he mysteriously disappeared afterwards.

Joe Wasilewsky, an UF conservation biologist, declared about alligators as quoted by USA TODAY:

They are much smarter than people,

They instantly seek shelter. They have burrows or caves they call home, usually under a mud or canal, and believe me, the first thing they are going to do is go into those burrows and caves.

James Perran Ross, who’s a wildlife biologist and expert on alligators, explained some interesting stuff while also cited by USA TODAY:

When we have a hurricane, the temperature is fairly high, we get lots and lots of water, and when the water levels rise, alligators tend to move around.

The largest alligator even weighed around a thousand pounds. These animals have a lifespan between 30 to 50 years.


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