55 Funniest Fitness Memes

55 Funniest Fitness Memes

Working out at home has definitely become more popular than it used to be, mainly because of the pandemic. After all, people have adapted to the self isolation conditions and for some, it was actually the first time in their lives that they really had the time and motivation to start exercising, even though it was just on the floor of their bedrooms in the morning!

However, let’s face it, no matter how convenient at-home fitness can be, it just does not quite compare to going to the gym, right? At least not for those who are rather passionate about working out and have some time at the gym as part of their routine.

Not to mention that, for some people, one reason they go to the gym is getting out of the house in the first place!

Basically, it’s all an experience that many really missed a lot when gyms had no choice but to close down indefinitely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And just like that, most of them have opened right back but that is not to say you are sick of them all of a sudden now right?

In fact, since you’re here, you might love going to the gym so much that you like to check out memes about working out in your spare time when you let your muscles cool down as well!

Actually, these hilarious memes will speak to you regardless of the type of exercise you enjoy most.

You could be a total gym rat or someone who likes to move a lot in general, going on hikes and enjoying nature while at it, the jokes will not only make you laugh and help with the abs forming but they might even motivate you to get out of bed in the morning and tone your body some more – or shed the extra COVID pounds.

While that’s all Okay, do not forget you are perfect the way you are already!

Everything else you do is improving on perfection so have fun with it!

But whether you go to the gym or not, you can still admit that it’s a pretty great place right?

Working out, regardless if you find it pleasant or a total nightmare, is really good for you!

However, that is not all that a gym can offer.

It is usually also a place accepting of all kinds of people including weight lifters, cardio addicts, people seeking to implement good habits into their lives or old timers trying to maintain their bodies young and healthy for a really long time.

And perhaps because of all of this unexpected diversity coming together in one place to work out, the gym is also a not so surprising source of entertainment, giving birth to a huge number of equally diverse and hilarious memes as a result.

Such memes may be focusing on a number of different sub-topics or character types, joking about a variety of things, everything from the sorts of people frequenting them to the way some people go about their gym experience.

If you are not familiar with this sub-genre of memes, it might not sound like there is a lot to joke about in this field – however, that could not be any further from the truth as you will most likely be able to realize by yourself checking out the memes we have hand-picked for you.

Such memes manage to poke harmless fun at gym lovers and those who stay far away from the gym alike, all the while being some of the most relatable and wholesome memes out there no matter who you are.

Because of this, it is guaranteed that they can give anyone a good laugh!

In other words, whether you are a die hard gym lover, someone who has never even set a foot inside a gym before or anywhere in between, rest assured that you will enjoy this compilation to the point that you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing while checking out some of them.

There is something for everyone, from fitness motivation memes to some really clever ones, to the most ridiculous we could find, ensuring that at least some of them will manage to totally brighten your day.

All that being said, here are some of the best fitness related memes on the internet!

1. It just doesn’t get any more retable than this, does it?

Source: fitnessjokess

But hey, you can’t deny that the sense of accomplishment feels really good. And besides, 13 minutes is still better than nothing! And…and – did you know that Oreos are vegan? “Helth” indeed, see? 

2. How else would they be able to outlift you?!

Source: gymfailnation/Instagram

3.A little motivation is all you need!

Source: illpumpyouup/Instagram

4. Google Maps can only dream!

Source: memecrunch.com

Reach for the stars, baby! Besides, there is the added benefit that no doctor will ever have trouble finding a vein again!

5. Pilates if love, Pilates is life!

Source: flexpilatesandphysiotherapy/Instagram

Only true practitioners can understand the euphoria that comes after a really good session. Nothing can compare!

6. Confidence looks good on you and so does that pair of pants!

Source: officialgymmemes/Facebook

Keep the compliments coming!

7. Occupational hazard.

Source: Pencil_of_Colour/Reddit

But doesn’t everyone do that? Oops. You’re not alone, bestie!

8. Dedication

Source: gymmemesofficial/Instagram

Diets that require a caloric surplus can be just as difficult to follow as those with a caloric deficit! 

9. If you don’t have a playlist of these, you’re lying!

Source: thats__so__meme

10. The grind never stops. Not even on love day.

Source: gymmemesofficial/Instagram

This is a classic meme most people certainly know but has been adapted to be hilariously relatable to all the gym rats out there in a relationship. While it’s very funny, please don’t do that in real life. Take a break, let those muscles cool down and enjoy some chocolate with your loved one from time to time! It’s Okay to do so.

11. What do you think?

Source: meme.extremist

12. *Wipes Tear*

Source: awesome-body.info

This one is pretty straightforward. Not really a funny meme but a motivational one that will remind you it’s Okay to fall as long as you get back up and continue on your chosen path!

13. It makes no sense!

Source: boredpanda.com

Trust the process.

14. I’m a rocket scientist. Not a very good one, but still!

Source: officialdoyoueven

Most of us can relate to this meme but if you need some extra help calculating those pesky macros, check out this article! It is filled with useful advice and even apps that can do it all for you!

15. We all start somewhere.

Source: memecenter.com

16. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Source: quickmeme.com

Did you even meal prep if you can’t post a picture of your nutritious meal on Instagram?

17. I’ll start tomorrow.

Source: memesadict6/Instagram

18. Gossip does wonders for the jawline.

Source: 9bmIIQn/Imgur

This is equally frustrating as it is funny. Stop taking up space in the gym and go to a cafe or something!

19. Short kinds, we see you!

Source: gymmemesofficial/Instagram

20. Who can relate? *Raises hand*

Source: fitnessmemesonpoint

You’re perfect just the way you are! 

21. You sure can!

Source: letuscream

The quickest way to start relating to the previous meme!

22. How does that even happen every time? 

Source: klaygstappr

23. Are you wrong or are you wrong?

Source; workout_xtreme

24. The leg day cycle of pain.

Source: daROCK97

25. Gotta make do!

Source: freeweightaddict


Source: 9gag.com

27.That cross fit life.

Source: memes.com

It’s alright to take a break! In fact, it is more than necessary since you could be making yourself weaker by training 6 to 7 days per week. After all, your tearing muscles need time to repair properly for you to be stronger. Don’t push yourself too hard to avoid serious injuries as well! 

28. Mens sana in corpore sano.

Source: nikkijusticefit

A healthy mind in a healthy body.

29. It’s worth all the pain, right? Right?

Source: memegenerator.com

30. It’s such a struggle!

Source: jtennan0910

All the ladies know how painful that is when the biceps are sore.

31. *Bows* 

Source: creepslayer527

32. Unconventional motivation but it works!

Source: SSJDuffy

33. We only know we love ’em when we lose ’em.

Source: fitinsanity1901

34. Never say never? No? Ok.


Source: 40shadesofblonde

35. Another inescapable cycle!

source: fit_bit_drjyoti

36. This is why it’s all worth it!

Source: illpumpyouup

37. Should you follow your mind or your heart? Hmmm….

Source: foodie_humor

38. All the best friendships start this way.

Source: keevs.health

39. It’s just not fairl!

Source; officialgymmemes/Facebook

This may just be one of the most relatable memes ever! For some of us, no matter how careful we are, the smallest indulgence immediately undoes everything. Naturally think people, tell us your secret!

40. Top 10 life hacks you need to know about today!

Source: fitnesssolutionsplus

41. Which one are you?

Source: fytpersonaltraining

42. Winning!

Source: gymmemesofficial/Instagram

This is truly one of the best feelings in the world and you can’t deny it!

43. Time to start the grind again!

Source: memer101995

Where does all that strength go?

44. Palm reading just got super accurate!

Source: officialgymmemes/Instagram

If you don’t have countless callouses to show for it, do you even lift, bro? What a poser!

45. They’re just too shy to come out at the moment.

Source: hathor_inanna

But I can feel them in there somewhere!

46. Why am I not ripped yet?

Source: wholesale_offence_seller

It’s calories in vs. calories out, people. But…hacks!

47. Don’t do it!

Source: gymmemes/Facebook

Unless you want Will Smith to slap you on live TV. That’s what I thought!

48. What?! I worked up an appetite!

Source: jacana_mommy

People who work out at home know the struggle very well!

49. Enemies. Enemies everywhere.

Source: officialgymmemes/Facebook

Must. resist. the. cake.

50. You look so much happier already! 

Source: terri.elder.dpt

51. Let your inner psychopath out! 

Source: hatkequotes

52. Can you relate?

Source: jennaerickson14/Instagram

All that hyping yourself up and this is all it leads to? It do be like that sometimes.

53. Newborn baby deer mode activated!

Source: gymmemesofficial/Instagram

Isn’t this so funny and relatable? So many people feel like this after leg day!

54. …and the gym ain’t one!

Source: doyoueven/Twitter

It could be worse! Hitting the gym as an escape means you’re doing better than most, sweetie!

55. When you’re determined to…cut carbs.

Source: theSurpuppa/Reddit

Another life hack that deserves its top 10 spot? We think so!


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