Here Are The 5 Negative Effects Of Smoking That You’ve Never Heard Before

Here Are The 5 Negative Effects Of Smoking That You’ve Never Heard Before

When it comes to smoking negative impact on the health almost everything has been already told. From the increased risk for cancer and heart conditions to the bad breath and skin condition, you’ve heard anything but there are some unhealthy smoking-related effects that are often ignored. Here are the 5 negative effects of smoking that you’ve never heard before.


Smoking can cause asthma

Asthma is a condition people are, usually, born with. However, asthma can occur due to smoking because the muscles along the airways and in the lungs are tightening up trying to eliminate the smoke which is seen as a toxin. Therefore, shortness of breathing in smokers is a common asthma symptom.

In more sensible ones, smoking can really cause asthma.

Smoking can cause the heart to beat harder

Nicotine in the tobacco is known to slow down the process of fats breakdown which leads to plaques formation on the blood vessels. That, in the long-term, though.

On the short-run, even one puff can accelerate the heart’s rhythm forcing it to run faster which will be soon translated into fatigue.

The Nicotine can cause stomach problems

Smoking is reducing the stomach’s protective layer and may force the stomach to produce more acid. Eventually, the increasing quantity of acid in the stomach will cause gastroesophageal reflux.

Even worse, the nicotine is negatively impacting on the Vitamins and other nutrients absorption at the stomach level.

High ear pressure and stuffy nose are other effects of smoking

Smoking affects the sinuses’ lining promoting mucus build and making you prone to infections and inflammations.

And this is exactly why smokers are also having a poorer sense of smell.

Even the first cigarette can cause anxiety

Scientists have observed that the Nicotine is having a double-impact on the brain. At first, there is the calmness and relaxation as the nicotine triggers various reactions in the brain’s centers that deal with emotions. Unfortunately, this will only last for a few seconds to one minute, tops.

Afterwards, the nicotine’s effect ends and the brain is in a withdrawal-like situation which is causing anxiety.


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