Internet Of Things Sensors Market Will Grow By 19 Percents, Annually

Internet Of Things Sensors Market Will Grow By 19 Percents, Annually

The manufacturing sector continues to move towards the so-called Internet Of Things. According to a recent study conducted by ABI Reseach, the income generated by the Internet Of Things sensors market will grow by 19%, annually, which confirms its good development pace.

According to Pierce Owen, an analyst at ABI Research, there is no doubt that sensor providers that want to evolve in the market, as they have already begun to see with the emergence of the Industrial Internet Of Things, should work with other ecosystem figures.

The Internet Of Things ecosystem

This will allow them to understand the needs and trends and anticipate the future demands of their customers to have new and innovative sensors and other products when they need it.

Increases in the number, types, and variety of data sensors will affect Edge Computing and Edge Analytics technologies, improving analytical capabilities. This will benefit manufacturers, who will experience how they can obtain more of their data, the sensor suppliers, who will sell more, and the software companies for Edge Computing that will drive their innovations.

Most manufacturers do not have the computing capacity to analyze the large workloads generated by the sensors. Therefore, in the future, sensor suppliers must approach the Internet Of Things sensors market with other suppliers and analytical specialists to provide these capabilities.

Some industry may have technical problems and need industrial coating solutions to make sure everything is on the right track.
This is an evolving ecosystem

Another of the characteristics pointed out by ABI Research in this market is that we see how the main sensor suppliers are selling automation technology or other industrial equipment as their main business.

However, often, they also manufacture sensors for new equipment and provide sensors to adapt to legacy equipment. Some of those companies have also built their own Industrial Internet of Things platforms, such as ABB, Bosch, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, and Emerson.

In fact, for this consultancy, all the major industrial automation companies provide either sensors or Internet Of Things platforms also provide sensors, while some companies provide both.

In addition to industrial automation companies, specialists in Internet Of Things sensors and semiconductors-producing companies have also focused on the manufacturing sector. This includes companies such as 3DSignals, Analog Devices, and Texas Instruments.

In conclusion, the Internet Of Things sensors market will grow by 19%, annually, thus, proving its good development pace.


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