You Shouldn’t Neglect the Main Sign That a Tarantula Could Be Lurking Somewhere in Your Household

You Shouldn’t Neglect the Main Sign That a Tarantula Could Be Lurking Somewhere in Your Household

Getting in contact with a tarantula is not exactly everyone’s idea of fun. And that’s precisely why we’re here to inform you about the number one sign telling you that you might have such a creature hiding somewhere in your own household.

As reveals, experts say that tarantulas leave behind a certain clue when they’re around. Tarantulas aren’t always disposed to bite humans, and they don’t like to play as they’re widely exposed. These spiders are burrowing creatures, but they have to get out at some point to look for food.

Tarantulas are hard to find

Nancy Troyano, Ph.D. and an entomologist for Western Exterminator, said that the big spiders could be living underground in a person’s property and emphasized that they’re hard to spot.

Troyano explains about the tarantulas’ behavior when they start looking for food, as quoted by

They do this by being sneaky, although some species of tarantula will leave a very small, thin line of spider silk trailing outside of their burrow to act a bit like a tripwire to alert them prey is there.

Pest control company Orkin adds that if you have too many ants near your house, you might soon spot a tarantula as well. As you’ve already guessed, ants are on the favorite menu of the big spiders.

Tarantulas also like to eat insects such as beetles, grasshoppers, and arthropods. However, most tarantulas have a weak venom, but surely you wouldn’t want to be bitten by one.

Despite giving the creeps to most people, tarantulas are becoming a pretty popular pet. Some even believe that these spiders can be domesticated into pretty affectionate pets. They are also pretty long-living creatures – a female tarantula can live for up to 30 years old.

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