You Might Need to Stay Away From Meat-Eating Bees

You Might Need to Stay Away From Meat-Eating Bees

In the entire world, there are more than 20,000 bee species, but at least one of them has the potential of giving you nightmares. Biting and consuming flesh is also possible for the special species of bees that writes about. These flesh-eating bees even feature an extra tooth for helping them to deal with that juicy meat.

The flesh-eating bees are even the only species in the world of the well-known insects that are willing to have food on their menu that is not produced by plants, according to Doug Yanega, who’s an entomologist with UC Riverside.

Bees prefer chicken

Jessica Maccaro, who’s a UCR entomology doctoral student, can be seen below as she’s observing the hungry bees chowing down on chicken meat:

YouTube video

The meat-eating bees live in Costa Rica, and they also possess guts that resemble those of vultures.

Jessica Maccaro explained:

Unlike humans, whose gut changes with every meal, most bee species have retained these same bacteria over roughly 80 million years of evolution.

Even the bacteria present in the gut of the meat-consuming bees is a lot different compared to the one found in normal bees. Scientists found Carnobacterium, among other bacteria, one that’s associated with the digestion of the flesh.

Bees, in general, are amazing creatures. reveals some incredible facts about these insects, and we can mention the following:

  • You can find bees in some surprising locations, such as gravel pits, soft cliffs, sand dunes, shingles, chalk grasslands, quarries, and more.
  • Bees actually have four wings.

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