You Could Win $1 Million From NASA By Providing Ideas for How to Feed Astronauts on Mars and During Other Space Missions

You Could Win $1 Million From NASA By Providing Ideas for How to Feed Astronauts on Mars and During Other Space Missions

If you’ve never won $1 million, you might finally have that chance if you provide the right idea to those smart guys from NASA! The space agency is looking for ways to feed astronauts on Mars, if they’ll ever arrive there, as well as for other space missions. As NASA asks the public’s help once again to solve the mystery, the agency is willing to pay $1 million to the one who will give them the answer, according to the official website of the space agency itself.

It’s not easy at all to feed astronauts while they’re on deep-space missions. In fact, the process is extremely difficult since even NASA scientists don’t know how to do it. But thanks to the world of the internet, where everybody has an opinion about everything, that smart person willing to provide the right answer, in this case, should surely emerge sooner or later!

Create a successful prototype of “food production technologies”

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The applicant has to join the rest of his team and put together a prototype of “food production technologies” that proves to be successful.

The description of the challenge, as written by NASA, states:

Over time, food loses its nutritional value. That means for a multi-year mission to Mars, bringing along pre-packaged food will not meet all the needs for maintaining astronaut health,

Additionally, food insecurity is a significant, chronic problem on Earth in both urban and rural communities. Disasters that disrupt supply chains further aggravate food shortages. Developing compact and innovative advanced food system solutions through initiatives such as the Deep Space Food Challenge could have applications in home and community-based local food production, providing new solutions for humanitarian responses to floods and droughts, and new technologies for rapid deployment following disasters.

Are you willing to join the challenge? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section!


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