You Could Perform Much Better At the Gym After Taking a Poop Pill

You Could Perform Much Better At the Gym After Taking a Poop Pill

Who wouldn’t like to become more productive at the gym? Once you go there, you become addicted. There’s nothing more energizing and refreshing than putting those muscles to work and enjoying the adrenaline flooding your body. It even works as a great therapy against depression and anxiety. 

But how can you push your own boundaries even further and become better at the gym? The better you performed there, the greater and stronger and refreshed you’ll feel throughout the day. One of the possible answers might leave you speechless.

You could give the Nella pill a try

According to the New York Post, the 51-year-old management consultant Steve Gallagher has been through some physical exercise in his attempt to overcome rheumatoid arthritis.

After a year of trying out the Nella pill, Gallager’s workouts have become almost half longer and a lot more intense. He was part of a trial while trying out Nella, meaning the pill containing bacteria that was harvested from the feces of athletes who reached advanced performances.

Dr. Jonathan Scheiman is the inventor of Nella and the CEO of Fitbiomics, meaning the parent company. He stated as the New York Post quotes:

We’re looking for what’s in the eco-system of super-healthy people.

The microbiome bacteria from the gut can play an important role in a person’s physical and mental health.

As it usually happens in science, not everyone is convinced about Scheiman’s findings.

Dr. William Li is one of them, and he stated as the same source quotes:

We know many diseases are associated with imbalances in the gut microbiome ecosystem, which is called dysbiosis, including depression and Alzheimer’s,

There is much less known about the gut microbiome and physical performance. The science has developed a popular following and many clever entrepreneurs have developed products like probiotic supplements that claim to produce results that are not well-studied or outstrip the evidence from science.

Feel free to read the original article on the New Tork Post!


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