You Can Now Download James Webb Space Telescope Wallpapers in 4K

You Can Now Download James Webb Space Telescope Wallpapers in 4K

Even since the James Webb Space Telescope was under construction by NASA, the world has had a lot of huge expectations. Although not everybody could believe that Webb could observe remote space objects in great detail, time has brought surprises. NASA finally launched Webb into space on Christmas 2021, and the telescope has proven more than efficient by now.

Back in July, NASA revealed the first full-color images of the Universe captured by James Webb. It became clear to everyone that NASA astronomers were not bluffing when speaking about the advanced capabilities of their new telescope. 

Whether you like the new image of the Pillars of Creation, the Southern Ring Nebula, Stephan’s Quintet, SMACS 0723, or WASP-96b, you now have the chance to download them as wallpapers for your smartphone or computer!

Get the new images of the Universe in 4K!

Gizmochina offers compressed images of the Universe that the James Webb Space Telescope first revealed to mankind. Each of the photos takes a toll on your smartphone’s storage space, as each image occupies around 100MB. 

  • Pillars of Creation: in this image, we can see star-forming gas. The picture was initially spotted back in 1995 by the Hubble Space Telescope. You can download the James Webb version here.
  • Southern Ring Nebula: a dying star is surrounded by a cloud of gas in this image. There are also plenty of other stars there, as you can easily see for yourself. Feel free to download the image here!
  • Stephan’s Quintet: you can’t possibly remain unmoved by this image, as it is the largest one spotted by James Webb. Five galaxies are under the spotlight here, and they’re surrounded by stars as well. Download the image here!

Feel free to check out the original article on Gizmochina to find the download links for other cosmic objects spotted by James Webb!

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