Yesterday It Was A Busy Day In Space – 3 Rockets Launched And A Spacewalk Out Of ISS Happened On March 29th

Yesterday It Was A Busy Day In Space – 3 Rockets Launched And A Spacewalk Out Of ISS Happened On March 29th

After the delays of the launches of the NASA Aspire test system and those of the Iridium Next satellites, under the responsibility of SpaceX, yesterday, on March 29th, 3 rockets launched out of the 5 planned ones. Even more, a spacewalk out of ISS also happened yesterday. Indeed, yesterday it was a busy day in space.

3 rockets launched yesterday

Even though 5 rockets were planned for launching yesterday, only three made it:

  • A GSLV Mk.II with an improved second stage took off to put into orbit the Indian communications satellite GSAT-6A;
  • A Soyuz 2-1v did the same with the experimental satellite Emka of the Russian Ministry of Defense – It is believed to be a terrestrial observation satellite;
  • A Long Macha 3B rocket took off to put into orbit the satellites Beidou-3, MEO-9, and MEO-10 belonging to the Chinese navigation system Beidou – It is the 9th Chinese space launch so far this year;

All the three launches were successful.

A spacewalk out of ISS

While all these launches were made from land, of course, Drew Feustel and Ricky Arnold carried out a spacewalk out of the International Space Station. The astronauts installed a pair of antennas to reinforce the signal from the external Wi-Fi network of the ISS, which is increasingly used by instruments installed on the outside to transmit data

Besides, they removed a couple of ammonia hoses from the refrigeration system that appeared to leak and sent them to ground for inspection, and exchanged a group of damaged cameras.

It was the spacewalk number 209 dedicated to the construction, maintenance, and updating of the ISS.

With this on, Drew Feustel accumulated 7 spacewalks with a total of 48 hours and 28 minutes spent working in space.

In conclusion, March 29th was a busy day in space with 3 rockets launches and one spacewalk out of the ISS for maintenance and repairs. Also, it would’ve been even much busier if the other two launches wouldn’t have been postponed.


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