World Premiere: The First Genetically-Engineered Coffee Appears

World Premiere: The First Genetically-Engineered Coffee Appears

Who would have ever guessed that scientists will be capable of creating a genetically engineered coffee that tastes and smells like the real deal? That’s exactly what researchers from Finland managed to create using a process known as cellular agriculture, according to Daily Mail.

The revolutionizing method implies taking a cell sample from a coffee plant and harvesting it. Scientists took cell samples from Arabica, meaning a pretty popular coffee plant. Bioreactors were also used for the incredible invention.

Starting from a leaf

VTT Technical Research Centre from Espoo (Finland) conducted the research. Dr. Heiko Rischer, who is head of plant biotechnology from the VTT research institute of Finland, declared for New Atlas:

The process uses real coffee plant cells,
Initially a cell culture is started from a plant part – eg. a leaf. The formed cells are propagated and multiplied on a specific nutrient medium,

Ultimately, the cells are transferred to a bioreactor from which the biomass is then harvested. The cells are dried and roasted and then coffee can be brewed.

The doctor seems very excited about the outcome. He adds that there’s a surprisingly full aroma, and as for the smell and taste, the profile of the brew bears similarity to usual coffee.

The scientists even believe that their lab-grown brew could arrive on the market by 2025, as Dr. Rischer confirms while cited by

I estimate we are only four years away from ramping up production and having regulatory approval in place.

According to, Americans drink about 400 million cups of regular coffee each day. But the fact that the drink is so popular doesn’t automatically mean that it’s always a good idea to consume it. For instance, an older study even claims that it could be dangerous for our mental health to consume too much coffee.


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