World Premiere: Oscillation of a Time Crystal Caught on Video

World Premiere: Oscillation of a Time Crystal Caught on Video

Who said that states of matter could not be caught on video? A research team led by Pawel Gruszecki from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland managed to obtain just that: for the first time in history, scientists recorded a time crystal’s oscillations, with the crystal itself being made out of magnons. brings the news of the incredible milestone that was reached using a scanning transmission X-ray microscope.

Space-time crystals are more widespread than scientists thought

You can feast your eyes on the afore-mentioned time crystal below:

YouTube video

Time crystals or space-time crystals, as they’re also referred to, are a bit different than normal crystals. For the latter type, the atoms are arranged in a fixed grid structure. When it comes to time crystals, the atoms behave differently by spinning in different directions.

Pawel Gruszecki spoke about the achievement as following:

We were able to show that such space-time crystals are much more robust and widespread than first thought,

He added:

Our crystal condenses at room temperature and particles can interact with it – unlike in an isolated system. Moreover, it has reached a size that could be used to do something with this magnonic space-time crystal. This may result in many potential applications.

The scientists sent a radiofrequency current through magnetic permalloy placed on an antenna. The current produced an oscillating magnetic field on the permalloy strip, and magnetic waves travelled from both ends. After the waves stimulated the magnon from the strip, the moving magnons condensed into a repeating pattern.

The scientists involved in the achievement say that it can be considered an important breakthrough for the study of time crystals.

The research was published in Physical Review Letters.


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