Wisconsin Citizens are Amazed By Fireball Appearing on the Night Sky

Wisconsin Citizens are Amazed By Fireball Appearing on the Night Sky

There’s a huge sky out there, way too huge for NASA to be able to scan it all. However, the astronomers of the famous space agency are doing their best to keep us informed about what’s going on in the proximity of our planet. 

NASA is even monitoring the sky for any Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), meaning asteroids that are big enough to pose a threat to our planet. Luckily enough, the world is entirely safe now and in the near future, but that doesn’t mean that the situation will always remain that way. What’s for sure is that the Universe keeps reminding us all from time to time how small and vulnerable we truly are.

Fireball hurtles across the night sky over Wisconsin

Citizens of the American state of Wisconsin were the witnesses of a new and interesting celestial show. A fireball ignited and went rapidly above their heads, leaving many amazed and some scared. It’s just how it usually happens in life, as you cannot please them all. 

Back in January, another sparkling fireball was seen over the skies of the American state of Wisconsin. 

James Lattis, who’s an astronomy professor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, declared at that time, as Post Crescent quoted:

They’re almost always more related to the asteroid belt, these extremely bright ones,

It clearly was bright enough to collect a lot of attention.

The best way to enjoy the emergence of a fireball across the night sky is by using a pair of binoculars. Such a sighting can surely remain forever in the memories of a person, regardless of how scary it may be at a first glance. 

Feel free to tell us if you’ve seen any fireball lately and how did you perceive the cosmic event!


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