White Holes May Form The Dark Matter And Might Precede The Big Bang

White Holes May Form The Dark Matter And Might Precede The Big Bang

White holes, which are supposed to be the very opposite of black holes, may form a substantial part of the dark matter which is thought to enlarge the majority of matter in the universe. As a recent research reveals, several of these bizarre space objects might even precede the Universe formation through the renowned Big Bang.

Black holes possess very strong gravitational forces, which are so intense that not even light, the quickest element in the entire universe, can evade them. Now, a white hole, as its name says, is the opposite of a black hole. While there is nothing that can evade getting “sucked” into a black hole, there is nothing that can enter into a white hole.

Investigations have hinted that black holes and white holes are linked

Researchers indicated that all the matter, light, and energy that is sucked by a black hole is released by a white hole in a different place in the Universe or in another dimension.

Also, in 2014, a French physicist, Carlo Rovelli, indicated that white holes form when black holes die.

White holes may possess a big part of the dark matter in the Universe

Rovelli and coworkers argued, though, that the shrinkage of black holes would not be able to vanish if the space-time pattern is quantum.

Space-time is quantum in the study that aims to combine the general relativity, that can elucidate the character of gravity within the quantum mechanics, that can portray the performance of all the known matter in a unique theory which can elucidate all the forces, known and unknown, of the entire Universe.

Thus, a new theory emerged, namely, the white holes may form dark matter. The hypothesis, based on Rovelli and colleagues’ studies on white holes, also adds that some white holes which exist in the Universe may even be older than the Big Bang, the explosion which led to the formation of the Universe, as we know it. This would also explain why the time is only going forward in our Universe and never switches the direction.

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