What did Juno Uncover on Jupiter?

What did Juno Uncover on Jupiter?

For those that were more than excited to find out what Juno saw on Jupiter, we are to tell you all about it. For starters, it saw that the winds that travel on the planet are different from those that go on Earth, lasting for longer periods of time and going deeper into the atmosphere.

More details

What is so different about Jupiter is that the planet is filled with enormous cyclones that are affected in ways that have never before been seen in our solar system. Since details about anything Jupiter related have always been a complete mystery for scientists, these new measurements done by Juno shed some light on a couple of topics.

All these findings will be available for reader in the 8th of March edition of the scientific journal Nature.

The weather layer

The measurements taken by Juno showed scientist that Jupiter has a pretty huge weather layer, extending to lengths that were thought to be impossible. The Jovian weather layer, as it has been called, is about 1 percent of Jupiter’s mass and the largest depth that it goes to is 3 thousand kilometers. This mass is significantly larger than Earth’s.

Polar weather

Juno was able to take JIRAM pictures of Jupiter’s poles, a fact that helped scientists a lot in getting them to clearly see how the weather changes in those regions. These poles are one of a kind in the solar system, being very close to one another, having very fast winds up to 350 kph, and being very large in size.

Where is Juno going next?

We know that by now Juno has made around 10 passes over Jupiter, the 11th one going to happen on the 11th of April. After that, a scientist at the Pasadena Laboratory in California will be having to reach a decision regarding the satellite’s next mission in outer space.


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