Watch Video of Newfound Species of Crown Jellyfish That Looks Like Straight From the Horror Movies

Watch Video of Newfound Species of Crown Jellyfish That Looks Like Straight From the Horror Movies

Some people might argue that there’s no use in looking for aliens on other planets when there is still a lot to discover on Earth about the animal kingdom. While it might sound harsh for those enthusiastic about finding aliens one day, we have to give some credit to the statement.

The term Atolla reynoldsi might not say anything for you, and it’s completely ok. It was something new for us as well, as it is for the whole world. Atolla reynoldsi is the name of a newfound species of crown jellyfish, according to, and it looks unfamiliar to pretty much anything else we can see on Earth. 

Atolla reynoldsi has at least 26 tentacles

Researchers with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) had been those in charge of analyzing the newfound jellyfish, and they discovered its unusual characteristics. What’s perhaps even more interesting is that the marine creature can be found in various parts of the world. It measures only about 5 inches long, meaning that it’s just about as long as a pen.

You can see the amazing crown jellyfish below:

Here’s the description of the video:

Atolla is one of the most common residents of the ocean’s midnight zone. This deep-sea crown jelly is found worldwide and can be abundant in deep water. Its bell has a signature scarlet color and it has one tentacle that is much longer than the rest. Fifteen years ago, MBARI researchers spotted a large jelly that looked like Atolla but lacked the telltale trailing tentacle, and their curiosity was piqued.

The Atolla reynoldsi is able to catch its prey with one of its tentacles. On the preferred menu, there are crustaceans, siphonophores, as well as other small creatures.

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