Watch Video of Massive Green Fireball Over Britain

Watch Video of Massive Green Fireball Over Britain

Not any space rock that zips through our planet’s atmosphere deserves to be called a fireball. But when it qualifies, its appearance can remain forever in a person’s memory.

It’s also the case for the recent fireball that ignited the skies over Britain just a few days ago on Thursday and that Daily Mail reveals about. Hundreds of residents were lucky enough to film the spectacular cosmic event. The fireball itself has shown a green aura.

Emerging just after midnight

The meteor ignited over the southwest part of England around midnight. It was seen in plenty of parts of the country.

Feel free to watch the amazing celestial show below:

Richard Kacerek, who is the founder of UK Meteor Network, told MailOnline while cited by Daily Mail:

Preliminary analysis from UKMON data shows terminal altitude around 30km above the ground and velocity of 6.9km/s which is exciting,

This information means there is a potential fall, again!

But we might need a scuba suit and snorkel, as any meteorite most likely fell into the Bristol Channel.

The same source reveals what Mrs. Stubberfield, who’s 48, had to say about the cosmic event:

I was asleep so only caught the end of it but Kevin woke me up because he was so surprised.

Kevin had no idea what it was and we didn’t know what the dashcam footage would show until we got home.

All we could see was bright green to start with, we think because the brightness of the meteor was too much for the camera, then all of a sudden we saw the streak of the meteor as clearly as anything.

‘It was incredible.

There is a serious difference between a meteor and a fireball. A meteor, which is also known as a ‘shooting star,’ represents the visible path of a meteoroid that has accessed the atmosphere of the Earth at high velocities. A fireball, on the other hand, is a meteor that’s very bright and reaches a visual magnitude of at least -3.

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