Watch Video of Huge Explosion of Imposing Meteor Hurtling Across the Night Sky of North Dakota

Watch Video of Huge Explosion of Imposing Meteor Hurtling Across the Night Sky of North Dakota

Seeing an imposing meteor across the night sky is one thing, but how about witnessing its explosion? That’s what those living in North Dakota had been witnessing just a few days ago, and the footage might leave you speechless. tells us about the incredible event. Those from the Canadian city of Winnipeg seem to have seen the meteor as well. The space object can easily be considered a fireball due to its imposing size.


YouTube video

The American Meteor Society has already been informed about the event. MSUM Astronomy and Physics professor Juan Cabanela explained for WDAY News that fireballs are rare, although meteors are pretty common. He said about footage of the fireball in question, as quoted by

This is still a pretty nice shot,

My first reaction was, it’s coming right at us. And I had to look at the video again and analyze it a bit. It wasn’t quite coming directly at the camera.

The professor also explained, as the same source quotes:

It’s fairly easy to just pull up a star map program and confirm that it was looking north,

If these are two different observers and they say it was this direction, then you can triangulate and say it was up here. But if you just have a whole bunch of people who say, it was that a way, you can’t tell.

Meteors are known to enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day, but fortunately, most of them come completely unnoticed. This happens due to air friction combined with their huge speed, making them completely disintegrate in the atmosphere. But some of them are too big to become completely destroyed and will reach the surface.

Above all, even though fireballs can be terrifying, we have to admit that watching one across the night sky can also be a pleasant and exciting experience.



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