Waking Up Alert and Full of Energy is Entirely Possible – Find Out How

Waking Up Alert and Full of Energy is Entirely Possible – Find Out How

Rise and shine, sleepyheads! It’s time to wake up and start a new day, whether you like it or not. But let’s be real, most of us wake up feeling like we got hit by a truck, with our eyes glued shut and our energy levels at an all-time low. It’s like our bodies are saying, “Are you kidding me? It’s morning already?”

But fear not, for there is hope! A cup of coffee or tea, a cold shower, a blast of upbeat music, and a positive attitude can go a long way in waking up the grumpiest of us. And if all else fails, just remember that you’re one day closer to the weekend.

But wait, there’s even more, as researchers from the University of California, Berkely, came up with a new method to start your day full of energy as soon as you get out of bed.

A combination of choices will grant you a lot of energy in the morning

After analyzing the behavior of over 800 people over a period of two weeks, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, found that it’s quite simple to wake up in the morning without feeling dizzy or like a zombie. SciTechDaily reveals that the formula is based on physical exercise, eating well in the morning before, and how much sleep you get. To be more precise, you need to consume food that’s low in sugar and high in carbs in the morning, do some physical activity a day before, and get plenty of sleep until a later time in the morning. 

Matthew Walker, who is a UC Berkeley professor of neuroscience and psychology and also the senior author of the study, explained, as SciTechDaily quotes:

Many of us think that morning sleepiness is a benign annoyance. However, it costs developed nations billions of dollars every year through loss of productivity, increased healthcare utilization, and work absenteeism. More impactful, however, is that it costs lives — it is deadly,

From car crashes to work-related accidents, the cost of sleepiness is deadly. As scientists, we must understand how to help society wake up better and help reduce the mortal cost to society’s current struggle to wake up effectively each day.

The new study was published in Nature Communications.

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