VP Mike Pence Released The National Space Council’s Users Advisory Group List

VP Mike Pence Released The National Space Council’s Users Advisory Group List

Mike Pence, the US Vice President, has evoked, since the last year, the beginning of a “new era” in space exploration, promising the United States will send a human crew mission to Mars but not before the return mission of the American astronauts on the Moon. A couple of days ago Mike Pence released the National Space Council’s Users Advisory Group list.

Mike Pence told that the US astronauts will return to the Moon and a mission to Mars is also in the plan.

However, NASA is on the brink of a crisis in the space exploration field

Donald Trump cut off NASA’s space observation programs but not allocating the needed budget and focusing the budget for the American space agency towards space exploration.

In fact, after the old US space shuttle programs were shut down in 2011, the US astronauts depend on the Russian Soyuz space shuttles to get on board the International Space Station (ISS), and Russia charges the US space agency with $80 million for a single seat inside their capsules. Thus, NASA needs a lot of changes to become, once again, a reliable space exploration agency of the world.

Luckily, private American space companies managed to bring some solutions to the US’s space exploration crisis. SpaceX has already launched their Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy programs and the Dragon capsule (which will be able to transport astronauts into space) is almost ready.

Mike Pence’s National Space Council’s Users Advisory Group list

Two days ago, the US vice president Mike Pence released the National Space Council’s Users Advisory Group list on which there are names such as Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11 Astronaut and the 2nd astronaut who stepped on the Moon, after Neil Armstrong), Tory Bruno (CEO of United Launch Alliance), Marillyn Hewson (CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation), and Bob Smith (CEO of Blue Origin).


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