Vodafone And Nokia Plan To Place A 4G Network Antenna On The Moon

Vodafone And Nokia Plan To Place A 4G Network Antenna On The Moon

Nokia and Vodafone plan to place a 4G antenna on the Moon. This will happen to support the future privately funded German mission of landing on the Moon.

The Moon has once again become the great goal of space exploration

The Trump administration has directed NASA to return to the exploration of the Moon. Besides, there are several private projects that had already planned this.

It is very likely that in the coming years the moon will become very crowded, with all kinds of missions and projects such as the PTScientist’s mission.

PTScientist is a group of German scientists that plans to send two vehicles to the Moon in collaboration with Audi, by the end of 2019.

The project to implement a 4G network on the Moon
For missions on the Moon, communications are vital and should be reliable and fast in order to permit sending of images and videos in high resolution at high speeds. Hence the idea of implementing a 4G network on the Moon.

The network will be a joint work of the German branch of Vodafone and Nokia and has been announced at the MWC 2018, in Barcelona.

The companies will create a 4G network antenna based on small and light hardware so that it can be integrated into vehicles without sacrificing a lot of space and weight. In fact, the 4G network for the Moon will not weigh more than 2 pounds.

Why 4G and not 5G for the Moon network?

Although the 5G is the new technology that is under focus right now, it is still in its testing phase, thus, it is not suitable for a mission on the Moon on which no 5G-specialized technician can be sent to solve possible problems.

4G, on the other hand, is already a proven and reliable technology.

With 4G on the Moon, it will be possible to stream video in high definition, which should give us some spectacular panoramas that have never seen before. After all, the last videos on the Moon have been shot decades ago.

The Nokia and Vodafone 4G network on the Moon is still under development but the plan is to set it on the Earth’s satellite by mid-2019.


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