Vikings Had Some Weird Burial Customs, New Research Revealed

Vikings Had Some Weird Burial Customs, New Research Revealed

A new paper is analyzing the values and beliefs of 11th century Scandinavia is showing that the skulls of dead bodies were kept under the ground in Viking’s homes. The cold-blooded history of Vikings is indicating that their day-to-day activities were governed by sword and flame. Usually, the Norse people were buried without any ceremony, with cruelty and blood-thirst. It has become clear now that the smashed-skulls were deposited beneath the homes of the Vikings.

The research on the Vikings’ burial customs

The study was conducted by archeologist Marianne Hem Eriksen, working for the University of Oslo and was published in World Archeology Journal. The team of researchers performed tests on 40 archeological fragments, dating back from Iron Age, at the end of the Viking era. The leading analyst suggested that Viking’s choice to keep parts of the dead bodies were either a recollecting memory of the deceased persons or the parts of the skull were viewed as protectors against evil spirits and magical powers.

Vikings were burring their relatives inside their homes

In addition to this, the skulls were probably relatives of the families, since young children and infants represented a vast majority of them. Vikings have made a tradition from burying their children in the heart of their homes since they were viewed as magical objects. The results are even more shocking since, in today’s society, it is even more, harder to understand how death and dying can be part of one’s routine.

These findings are underlining the violent society in which the Vikings used to live, where the same values did not drive the inhabitants regarding dignity. Such unusual values can also be encountered when it comes to modern China. Women are taught to keep their umbilical cord in small pockets so that they can relate to it longer. However, a Harvard paper is suggesting that these memories could improve the quality of life, having impressive health benefits.

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