Video of Giant Fireball Crashing Into Chinese Province Goes Viral

Video of Giant Fireball Crashing Into Chinese Province Goes Viral

A massive fireball that illuminated the skies from China’s Yushu City and smashed into the ground was so imposing that it made the locals invoke many Chinese myths and folklores. The phenomenon took place in the Qinghai Province on December 23, proving that 2020 is not done yet with memorable events.

According to the Earthquake Networks Centre from China, the fireball landed not too far away from the border that separates Nangqian County from Yusu County. The object qualifies for a bolide, which means an extremely bright meteor that’s comparable to a full moon.

No injuries reported

Luckily enough, the massive fireball didn’t kill or injure anyone as far as the authorities know. The Nangqian County Government reported that the object flew towards West Lake Qamdo, and not even debris or wreckage has been found. Instead, the event scared and amazed many Chinese residents starting early in the morning at 7:25 am. You can feast your eyes on the bolide in all its glory below:

The fireball was also massively uploaded on Weibo and Pear, two of China’s most popular social media platforms.

Conspiracy theorists also have new material to speculate on thanks to the event. Could the bright object actually be a spaceship from another planet? Could highly-intelligent aliens try to visit Earth? If so, would they come as friends or foes? Such questions will always exist. 2020 has certainly been an incredible year and full of unpleasant events, with the COVID-19 pandemic in the frontline news. Therefore, aliens visiting Earth now might not represent such a wild scenario.

At the end of November this year, another massive fireball left many residents of Japan speechless. Afterwards, the event caught the attention of a whole world, although it was initially only seen from parts of western and central Japan.


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