Uranus And Its Mysterious Behavior As A Planet Was Explained In A New Study

Uranus And Its Mysterious Behavior As A Planet Was Explained In A New Study

The giant planet Uranus has always been in the interest of scientists due to its unique featured that stand it out from the other planets from our Solar System. All the planets rotate around the Sun, and most of them turn in the same direction according to their poles. However, there is one particular exception, and that is Uranus, which is titled at around 98 degrees.

In addition to its unique rotation system, Uranus has a complex of 27 Moons that are orbiting around the giant’s equator, as well as a ring system bearing a resemblance to Saturn. Professor Shigeru Ida leads a team of researchers from the Erath-Life Science Institute in Tokyo. They are trying to explain the unique characterizes that Uranus has.

The new research focused on Uranus

The study conducted by the institute states that during the first stage of the formation of the Solar System, Uranus was hit by a planet covered in ice. The size of the Earth is thought to be around three times bigger than the Earth. After the collision, the planet was left with its 27 moons and the ring system, all of them from the componence of the icy planet.

The scientists came to this discovery while researching the impact of icy planets in forming the moons of the planets in our Solar System. Since many of the planets in our solar system have their natural satellites, the researchers are underlining that the natural satellites might be an oasis of truth regarding the formation of the planets they orbit. For example, in Earth’s case, the Moon was formed after the collision with a meteorite the size of Mars.

This phenomenon happened approximately 4.5 billion years ago and explained the way the Moon and the Earth attract each other. The difference is that Uranus is situated further from the Sun than Earth. Therefore the collision included only volatile compounds, explaining the presence of icy meteorite.

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