Universal Beijing Sees New Jurassic World Attraction – Watch Video

Universal Beijing Sees New Jurassic World Attraction – Watch Video

Have you ever wondered how you would feel to get instantly teleported in time hundreds of millions of years ago? Did you ever wonder how the huge beasts known as dinosaurs were living? How were they protecting their cubs, attacking foes, fighting for food, mating, and so on?

Researchers will probably always have more to learn about the amazing world of the dinosaurs that disappeared roughly 66 million years ago. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t do our best in imagining how living during those times would feel like, when there was no trace for human beings.

The “Jurassic World Adventure” will begin after September 1st

A new theme park from Beijing will open soon, and it has a lot to offer. One of them is the Jurassic World Adventure, according to SlashFilm.com, and you’ve already guessed what it is all about.

YouTube video

The Jurassic is a geological period and also a stratigraphic system that spanned from the Triassic period’s end roughly 201 million years ago to the start of the Cretaceous period, meaning about 145 Mya.

The chronostratigraphic term “Jurassic” has to do with the Jura Mountains, meaning a mountain range mainly following the border between France and Switzerland.

National Geographic reveals that giving the warm and wet climate that characterized the Jurassic period, abundant life and lush vegetation emerged. Therefore, many new dinosaurs appeared in great numbers, such as allosaurs, stegosaurs, and more.

In total, more than 700 different dinosaur species were identified by researchers and named. Dinosaur fossils were found on all seven continents. The era of the giant beasts ended after the Chicxulub impactor collided with Earth roughly 66 million years ago, leaving behind a crater that measures 25,450 km². Not only the impact itself led to the extinction of the dinosaurs – ashes from the collision blocked the sunlight for roughly a thousand years.


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