UN Members Reach Agreement to Protect Marine Life

UN Members Reach Agreement to Protect Marine Life

The underwater world of the high seas is incredibly diverse, with a vast array of different species and ecosystems thriving in the depths below the surface. While much of the high seas remain unexplored and undiscovered, we know that this region is home to a wide variety of aquatic creatures, including many that are found nowhere else on Earth.

One of the most remarkable things about life in the high seas is its incredible adaptability. Because these regions are subject to such extreme conditions – including high pressures, limited sunlight, and fluctuating temperatures – many organisms have evolved unique strategies for survival. For example, deep-sea fish have large eyes that allow them to see in the dim light, while some species have bioluminescent features that enable them to attract prey or confuse predators.

Almost half of the world’s surface will benefit

UN members have agreed on a treaty to protect marine biodiversity on the high seas, according to AP News, representing a breakthrough for regions previously hampered by a patchwork of laws. The treaty applies to almost half the planet’s surface and will establish a new body to manage ocean conservation and create marine protected areas.

Steffi Lemke, the environment minister of Germany, stated as AP News quotes:

For the first time, we are getting a binding agreement for the high seas, which until now have hardly been protected,

Comprehensive protection of endangered species and habitats is now finally possible on more than 40% of the Earth’s surface.

The agreement also sets out the ground rules for environmental impact assessments of commercial activities in the oceans. Several marine species make long annual migrations, making conservation difficult for international governing bodies. The treaty strengthens legal protection for two-thirds of the ocean.


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