The UK to Freeze by 2030 – Mini Ice Age

The UK to Freeze by 2030 – Mini Ice Age

We’re got horrifying news. The Thames River may solidify in two decades, specialists say. Is the Sun’s magnetic activity guilty? Or it’s our own fault?

Rivers to freeze in less than a decade

Researchers from universities from UK and Russia support this theory, saying that, indeed, in less than 2 decades everything could freeze in Britain, especially if we’re talking about major rivers.

Are we going to take out our skates?

Math showed some terrifying facts: Sun’s magnetic activity hinted that from 2021, we should expect the temperature to drop radically, with the chance of the river to be transformed in a very nice rink instead of the Thames by 2030. As fun as that might sound, it’s not at all, it’s actually worrying.

Do Sun’s magnetic waves have something to do with this?

A group which is led by Valentina Zharkova, a professor at Northumbria University, collected research from Moscow to foresee the developments of two magnetic waves delivered by the Sun. It predicts the rapidly decreasing magnetic waves for three solar cycles beginning from the year 2021 and which it’s supposed to last up to 33 years.Very low magnetic activity on the Sun corresponds with historically documented cold periods on Earth.

Educator Zharkova claimed that it is sure that the model which dovetails with previous mini ice ages has a 97% accuracy. It also talks about 1645 to 1715, Maunder Minimum period when ice fairs were hung on the solidified Thames.

Let’s save the planet

In any case, she alerts that her numerical research can’t be utilized as solid evidence that there will be this kind of era, a somewhat ice age time, due to global warming. She stated that she truly hopes that this will not be passed over, with people doing nothing about that, but with people aware of it and ready to do something about it, with some time left to deal with contamination.


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