Tyrannosaurus Rex Might Have Gotten Lips

Tyrannosaurus Rex Might Have Gotten Lips

Did you hear the latest news about the T-Rex? Apparently, scientists are now speculating that the mighty dinosaur may have had lips! Yes, you heard that right, LIPS! So, imagine the fearsome T-Rex, with its massive jaws and razor-sharp teeth, but with a pair of luscious, pouty lips to complete the look.

I mean, it’s not like the T-Rex wasn’t intimidating enough already, right? But now, we’re supposed to picture it with these full, luscious lips that would put even Angelina Jolie to shame. Perhaps you can just see it now – the T-Rex strutting around, pursing its lips and giving smoldering glares to all the other dinosaurs in the prehistoric jungle.

Jokes aside, for now!

Therapod dinosaurs enter the beauty scene

Recent research suggests that the T-Rex and other therapod dinosaurs may have had fleshy lips covering their teeth instead of the menacing jaws often depicted in films, as AL reveals.

The study, led by Thomas Cullen from Auburn University, compared tooth wear, skull size, and scale to modern-day lizards and crocodiles. The team concluded that these ancient predators likely had heads more similar to lizards than crocodilians.

Thomas Cullen, who’s an associate professor of paleobiology at Auburn University, stated as AL quotes:

We reconstructed soft tissue anatomy, compared dental measurements and studied dental health and wear records to further uncover that what you are used to seeing on the big screen is not accurate,

The teeth of these theropod dinosaurs did not experience wear and tear like a crocodile, and most likely had a lip-like covering.

Theropod dinosaurs were a diverse group of carnivorous dinosaurs that roamed the Earth during the Mesozoic Era. They were bipedal and had strong, sharp claws and teeth used for hunting and tearing flesh. The group includes some of the most famous dinosaurs, such as the Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor.

The new findings were published in the journal Science.


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