Two Big Asteroids are Approaching Earth This Weekend

Two Big Asteroids are Approaching Earth This Weekend

NASA keeps track of the sky for dangerous space rocks that come nearby, but it can’t possibly spot all of the potential threats. It’s not the space agency’s fault; it’s God’s fault for letting too many asteroids wander around out there, some would say.

Either way, the sky is too big for NASA astronomers to be able to spot all of those big “wiseguy” of space rocks that could hit us one day. The space agency hasn’t seen a few asteroids coming already, but let’s hope that it will never happen again!

2016 CZ31 and 2013 CU83 will pass by Earth this weekend

ScienceAlert reveals that two asteroids the size of buildings, namely 2016 CZ31 and 2013 CU83, will pass by our planet this weekend.

2016 CZ31 hurtles through space at the staggering velocity of 34,560 mph, which means that you certainly wouldn’t want to be anywhere near its trajectory unless you’re suicidal. At its widest point, this asteroid measures 122 meters across. That’s more than the length of a football field. The space rock will pass by Earth at about 1,740,000 miles (2,800,000 kilometers) away. 

As for 2013 CU83, it’s even bigger than its “sibling.” It measures 183 meters for its widest point, and it will pass by our planet even a lot farther compared to 2016 CZ31: 6,960,000 km away. 

In other words, there’s no use worrying or hoping that any of the two asteroids mentioned will ever get into a collision with our planet. If the misanthrope in you was hoping for a big chunk of space rock to hit Earth, you’d have to place your bet on some other space rock. 

Unfortunately, comets and asteroids often come close to Earth. The majority of them don’t pose any threat, but when they do, they can sure give you a run for your money. 

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