Tracking a Mysterious Signal in Space Led to Unexpected Conclusion

Tracking a Mysterious Signal in Space Led to Unexpected Conclusion

When a mysterious signal reaches our planet from space, both the scientific community and usual people become thrilled with excitement or scared to death. In their mind, there’s usually only one scenario: extraterrestrial civilizations are trying to send humanity a message.

Of course, aliens trying to “say hello” is not necessarily good news. These folks could be hostile towards us and willing to steal some of humanity’s resources and secrets for the craps game.

While a mysterious signal was coming and being detected by scientists on-ground, they finally found out its origin.

The signal was actually coming from Earth

According to, the mysterious signal in question was coming from our own planet, although initially, it was believed to be arriving from the closest star to our own. The signal was likely generated by a computer, radio, or a telephone from Australia.

Sofia Sheikh, who’s an astronomer from the University of California (Berkeley), declared for

It is human-made radio interference from some technology, probably on the surface of the Earth.

A radio telescope that measures 210 feet and that’s located at the Parkes Observatory from New South Wales (Australia) first detected the signal. Unsurprisingly, the telescope is also part of a very large scientific research program that looks for alien “signatures”.


Therefore, we hate to disappoint those who were enthusiastic, but there are no aliens involved this time. And they probably won’t be involved as well for the next such signals that will be detected by scientists in the near future.

“Are we alone in the Universe?” is one of the most profound questions ever. We’ll probably find out an answer one day, as space agencies keep looking for them. NASA has a new plan, for that matter, and we can’t be anything but eager to see the results.

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