Top Scientist Reveals That Viruses Existing on Other Planets Doesn’t Represent a Crazy Idea at All

Top Scientist Reveals That Viruses Existing on Other Planets Doesn’t Represent a Crazy Idea at All

If you think that us Earthlings have a lot of headaches because of the coronavirus, our fellow and hypothetical green friends from other solar systems or even galaxies could go through the same scenario. Their rulers would also be desperately trying to convince them to get vaccinated.

According to The Guardian, a top scientist known as Prof Paul Davies reveals that microbial life could play a very important role on other planets. Davies is a cosmologist and director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science at Arizona State University.

Super advanced alien civilizations could have their origin in microbial life

Prof Paul Davies also believes that viruses or some other microscopic organisms that behave similarly could contribute to the wide range of microbes and other microscopic agents that support life.

Davies said, as quoted by The Guardian:

Viruses actually form part of the web of life,

I would expect that if you’ve got microbial life on another planet, you’re bound to have – if it’s going to be sustainable and sustained – the full complexity and robustness that will go with being able to exchange genetic information.

Viruses replicate only after they gain access to the living cells of an organism. Viruses can even infect all life forms, whether we’re talking about humans, animals, plants, or microorganisms.

When a cell gets infected, it will rapidly produce thousands of copies of the virus. Viruses exist as independent particles known as virions when they aren’t located inside an infected cell or during the process of infecting one.

There’s no need to be a scientist to realize that the chances are huge for aliens to exist out there, somewhere. The Universe is way too large to had been created only for a single intelligent species.


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