Top NASA Scientist Brings Great News About Terraforming Mars and Venus

Top NASA Scientist Brings Great News About Terraforming Mars and Venus

Long ago, the idea of terraforming another planet was just a pure sci-fi scenario. It was the foundation of some great movies, nevertheless. But nowadays, more and more scientists are seriously considering the idea. Luckily for us, nature has given us great gifts.

One of those gifts is the human desire to unpuzzle the unknown. About only a century ago, astronomers had no idea that there were countless other galaxies in the Universe. Until Edwin Hubble’s discoveries from the 1920s, they believed that only our Milky Way galaxy existed. As for now, there are trillions of other known galaxies out there, each having billions of stars. What a magnificent jump in just a hundred years!

Therefore, we are justified to believe that pretty much anything is possible in astronomy in the near future.

Terraforming another planet?

Traveling to other solar systems is impossible for the moment, but setting the stage for colonizing another planet from our own solar system should be feasible.

Credit:, Don Cloud
Credit:, Don Cloud

Jim Green, a top scientist from NASA, is one of those smart guys from the planet who believe that humanity can indeed terraform another planet. By his full name, James Lauer Green, he is also an American physicist. He received his Ph.D. in Space Physics in 1979 from the University of Iowa.

Jim Green is confident that humanity can terraform both Mars and Venus, according to The New York Times. While the terraformation of Mars has been under heavy debate in the last years, it would be interesting to find out how humans can set up a base on Venus. Anybody at least a bit interested in astronomy knows that Venus is like a living Hell, where the conditions are far beyond what a human being would be able to withstand.

But Jim Green is confident that humanity can bypass the general skepticism. Feel free to read his ideas for such a possible plan in the article from The New York Times!

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