Tonga Volcano Eruption Leads to 21 Beaches From Peru Polluted By Oil Spill

Tonga Volcano Eruption Leads to 21 Beaches From Peru Polluted By Oil Spill

The eruption of the volcano from Tonga caused some horrible aftermath. The volcano has been showing signs of ejecting enormous amounts of ashes and lava since last year, and it has been boiling ever since.

On January 14, 2022, the volcano unleashed its wrath. The eruption occurred in the small Tonga country from Oceania that hosts just about 100,000 residents. The eruption was so powerful that it sent ripples into space, and unfortunately, that wasn’t the only aftermath of the event.

Workers struggle to clean up the oil spill from Peru

According to USA TODAY, the eruption even led to an oil spill polluting 21 beaches from Peru. This was possible because the eruption caused a tsunami. The publication even released photos of workers struggling to clean up the mess left by the oil spill in places such as the Cavero Beach from the Ventanilla district of Callao, Peru.

Behold some footage from ABC News:

YouTube video

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Roberto Sanchez explain the magnitude of the disaster, as France24 quotes:

In a normal season, between January and March (during Peru’s summer) five million people visit the affected beaches. The economic loss is immense.

He also added that thousands of jobs had been affected. 

Giovana Rugel, who sells fish at the Ancon pier, declared as quoted by the same source:

The fish more than anything comes out with the smell of oil, and people don’t buy it, they don’t eat it because they are afraid of getting poisoned by it, by the oil spill.

According to CNN, the had of the Pacific nation considers the eruption and the tsunami that occurred shortly afterward to represent an unprecedented disaster. 

Hopefully, the world won’t have to deal with other similar events in the future.


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