Time Warp Discovered Near Las Vegas By A Renowned Paranormal Investigator

Time Warp Discovered Near Las Vegas By A Renowned Paranormal Investigator

Joshua Warren, a paranormal investigator, stated during the Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Paparazzi” TV show that he found a time warp area near Las Vegas. More specifically, Warren measured time in various places in the Nevada area, Area 51 included, but couldn’t find anything interesting. However, right outside Las Vegas, on the interstate, he recorded 20 microseconds slow down in time.

“I think there may be a space-time warp on the edges of the city, but there has been so much man-made tech nearby that it’s taken a while to realize what’s naturally happening in the surrounding hills and mountains,” affirmed Joshua Warren during the show.

According to this paranormal investigator, time can’t slow down if there’s no black hole around or an unknown technology that can disrupt the space-time continuum. However, he also said that in the area where he observed this bizarre slow down in time, many UFO sightings were reported.

The time warp is not anymore a sci-fi concept, and NASA already proved its existence

Warren didn’t use the conventional science for making this discovery, but NASA did and already established that the time warp concept is real. NASA’s Gravity Probe B confirmed the old Einstein’s theory that space and time can get influenced by our planet’s gravitational forces. In order to carry out this experiment, NASA’s probe examined gyroscopes’ spinning and observed small alterations in the direction of the spinning.

On the other hand, both Einstein and Carl Sagan theorized the existence of wormholes as a sort of shortcuts in space and time that can instantly transport matter through space and time. Also, Stephen Hawking supported the time warp concept and, in 2009, he even held an “exclusive” party where he expected people from the future to come.

Moreover, more recently, the Hawking’s Thanksgiving Service, held at Westminster Abbey in May, was opened to time travelers in respect for the late British physicist’s theories regarding time.

We can’t say for sure that Joshua Warren, a renowned paranormal investigator, did indeed find a time warp near Las Vegas, but the concept of time warps is real.


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