Time Travel Could Be Possible By Manipulating Gravity, According to UFO Files

Time Travel Could Be Possible By Manipulating Gravity, According to UFO Files

There are many sad aspects of history, unfortunately, and if we could only hop into a space machine to fix them all! Inquisition, bloody regimes, and a lot of corruption would all be erased if time travel became possible. Or maybe it already is, but we don’t know how to activate it!

If you’ve seen Synchronic, Terminator Genesis, The Butterfly Effect, or When We First Met, you surely have a little idea of how time travel could work. Unfortunately or not, those are nothing more than sci-fi movies, but maybe they still carry a bit of truth in them.

Using time travel to go to other worlds?

The Sun reveals that Pentagon documents claim that time travel could be possible and even be used as a way to reach other worlds. Anti-gravity technology is also another exciting game to play by humans, according to the same source, adding that it can also help humanity step into the unknown.

We know very well that gravity is one of the fundamental forces of nature and that the mere existence of galaxies, stars, planets, and life itself wouldn’t be possible without it. But it’s the exploitation of the gravitational force itself that could allow humans to go beyond their boundaries when it comes to knowledge.

The report also says as The Sun cites:

It might be possible to produce exotic phenomena such as faster-than-light travel… and time machines,

“Wormholes” in spacetime could also be used for interstellar travel.

The concept of wormholes has long been seen as a great way to travel huge distances across the Universe in a much shorter time than usual. A wormhole will bend spacetime, creating a shortcut. Unfortunately, the existence of wormholes has been known as just purely theoretical, but maybe that will change soon enough.


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