This Is What Will Happen With The Earth If A Supermassive Black Hole Reaches Near Our Solar System

This Is What Will Happen With The Earth If A Supermassive Black Hole Reaches Near Our Solar System

Cornell University has opened a section for experts to answer questions about the Universe. Among other things, they explained what will happen with the Earth if a supermassive black hole reaches near our solar system.

Although scientific advances follow one another that provide new clues to understand the Universe better, it continues to keep many secrets and puzzles for science to resolve. However, some questions already have answers, or at least scientists can figure out how the things are going in some cases.

Astronomers at Cornell University, in New York, have opened a virtual space to answer any questions about our Universe. Among others, the scientists explained what would happen if a black hole would open up in the vicinity of the Earth.

According to astronomer Christopher Springob, although this is unlikely to happen, it is not will impossible for a supermassive black hole, generally located in the center of galaxies, to approach our planet if the Milky Way were to merge with another galaxy.

What would happen to the Earth if a supermassive black hole will pop up in the vicinity of our solar system?

Considering that a supermassive black hole has a mass of a million times more massive than the Sun, Springob estimates that we would begin to feel its influence in our solar system even if it would locate at a distance of about 1000 light-years.

As this monstrous black hole will approach our solar system, the alterations would begin to occur in the orbits of the planets.

Because of these changes, we could end up either scorched or frozen, if the Earth were to approach or, respectively, move dangerously away from the sun.

From here, three scenarios would be possible, namely, that our planet in orbit it gets sucked by the supermassive black hole.

If our planet would end up falling into the black hole, the powerful gravitational force will tear the Earth apart. The good news? Although the Milky Way is very likely to collide with another galaxy, it will happen in about a billion years.


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