This T-Rex Is the Largest Specimen Ever Known, And Scientists Found It In Saskatchewan

This T-Rex Is the Largest Specimen Ever Known, And Scientists Found It In Saskatchewan

The femur of this dinosaur was 8 inches wide. From that, the scientist could understand that the body weight was of 19,500 pounds. The world’s largest T-Rex was found in Saskatchewan, and its name is Scotty.

The dinosaur was found placed near Eastend, that’s about 380 km from Regina in the southwest. It was nicknamed Scotty, and it’s much older and more massive than previously expected by the paleontologists. Also, it is abnormal for a T-Rex, as it lived for about 30 years. From all the skeletons gathered, Scotty was probably the most mature one.

The story of Sue and Scotty, the world’s largest T-Rex specimens

Until they’ve discovered Scotty, the largest T-Rex was Sue. According to the researchers, Sue weighted 800 pounds less than Scotty. However, Sue remains an almost complete fossil, with 90% of its skeleton unearthed from South Dakota in 1990. On the other hand, scientists could only recover 65% of the remnants of Scotty, but it’s still enough to estimate its size.

Both Sue and Scotty lived to be 28 years old. In their terms, they were seniors. The lead researcher said that they could be in their thirties. The skeleton of Scotty showed that we could have lived longer, and also he could have been heavier than what the paleontologists previously assumed.

Scotty is the largest T-Rex in the world, and it is from Saskatchewan

Scotty is the one to push its species to the limits. Its bones are longer and more massive than those of Sue, so if we are to take into account the weight of Scotty’s bones, he is already bigger.
This skeleton gave scientists details about the life of the dinosaur species. In the climate of sub-tropical, Scotty had to deal with injuries like broken ribs, dental infection and he may have even got into a fight with another T-Rex because some of his tailbones were broken.


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