This ‘Superman’ Satellite Allows People to See Inside Buildings

This ‘Superman’ Satellite Allows People to See Inside Buildings

Who would have thought that those movies and cartoons with Superman will become reality one day and people will be able to see inside buildings? Although they need some fancy gear for doing so, we’re still talking about an impressive step in science. writes that the Capella Space company launched a satellite that’s capable of taking radar images with high resolutions and even through the walls of some buildings.

Meet Capella 2

Capella 2 is the name of the ‘Superman’ satellite, and it’s capable of snapping clear pictures whether it’s during night or day. Furthermore, the satellite can do the incredible work even regardless of the weather conditions. Both governmental and private customers can request images of pretty much anything in the world using Capella 2.

Payam Banazadeh, who’s a former system engineer from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, declared:

It turns out that half of the world is in nighttime, and half of the world, on average, is cloudy,

He also added:

When you combine those two together, about 75 percent of Earth, at any given time, is going to be cloudy, nighttime, or it’s going to be both. It’s invisible to you, and that portion is moving around.

If seeing beyond the clouds was once impossible, Capella can defy that classic scenario due to the usage of SAR (synthetic aperture radar).

The satellite beams down a 9.65 GHz radio signal towards the target, and the next step is to collect and interpret the signal when it goes back up into orbit. Rather than passively capturing light, the satellite is sending its own signal. As the signals penetrate the walls, they allow the peering of the interior.

Therefore, next time when you have that awkward feeling that you’re being stalked, you have one more reason to think that it’s not all happening just in your imagination.



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