These Foolish Habits Will Make You Unproductive at Work

These Foolish Habits Will Make You Unproductive at Work

Having a job is crucial, but when your work is unproductive due to certain factors, that’s a big issue. There are certain habits that can make you unmotivated or simply unproductive. Perhaps we’ve all been through such unpleasant situations, but the good news is that there are plenty of solutions. brings a list of seven habits that will make a person unproductive at the workplace. Feel free to take them into account and try to eliminate them from your behavior:

Constantly checking your phone during breaks

Anna Dearmon Kornick, who is a time management coach, declared as quoted by

So many of my clients are guilty of sitting down at their desks and having their [personal] phone right next to them,

And if a webpage is taking too long to load or they have a few seconds where they are just still, they have this compulsion to just reach for their phone and go into this almost zombie autopilot mode where you tap-tap over to those apps you use the most. For me, it’s always Instagram. And that can end up becoming a five-, seven-, 10-minute block of wasted time.

Going for tasks that will only “take a second”

When you’re tempted to go for a little task that you hope will take only a few seconds, you’ll also be tempted to find some other unnecessary tasks. For instance, you might find yourself suddenly into online shopping when you have some important work to do.

Opening too many tabs

Having too many opened tabs in your browser is also dangerous for your work. Opening too many tabs can give someone too much freedom that will automatically become a bad thing.

Feel free to check out the full list of bad habits for work on!


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