There’s a New Method for Protecting the Earth Against Cosmic Impacts

There’s a New Method for Protecting the Earth Against Cosmic Impacts

Searching for ways of protecting the planet against asteroids or comets that could pose a threat to humanity is no easy task at all. The Universe is big enough to always provide us all unwanted surprises, unfortunately, and we have to find a way to deal with that.

NASA is keeping an eye on the sky with its powerful gears in order to detect potential threats. Even so, the space agency cannot possibly detect all of the dangers that lurk in the shadows since space is unfathomably huge. But the good news is that scientists never stop looking for ways to deal with a huge asteroid or comet that could approach Earth in the future.

Thumbs up for the PI Project!

There’s a new project aiming to solve the problem of a dangerous space rock approaching our planet one day. writes about the PI Project, and the “PI” stands for “Pulverize It”.

Lubin and Alexander Cohen, who is a co-researcher, brought a new method. Lubin declared, as quoted by

While we often say that nothing in life is certain but death and taxes, we can certainly also add human extinction to this list,

There is a large asteroid or comet lurking in our solar system with ‘Earth’ written on it. We just do not know where it is or when it will hit.

The PI method involves the usage of an array of penetrator rods that could be equipped with explosives. The structure could be thrown in the path of the space rock to destroy it. Therefore, pieces of the asteroid or comet will still remain intact and be on their way to our planet’s surface, but the air friction will likely vaporize them.

Hopefully, the world will be a lot more technologically advanced when and if a huge space rock threatens our planet in the future.


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