There’s a New Incredible Space Map Revealing 4.4 Million Galaxies

There’s a New Incredible Space Map Revealing 4.4 Million Galaxies

You might have already guessed that our Universe is unfathomably huge. It’s so big that it harbors trillions of galaxies or even a lot more. There could be a bigger number of galaxies in the entire Universe (not just the observable part) than we would even be able to write.

According to, we can be thankful to an astronomer from Durham University and an international team of scientists who made a map of over 4.4 million galaxies. For their incredible achievement, they used the LOFAR (Low-Frequency Array) pan-European radio telescope.

Here’s a little trailer of the space map, along with a link where you can see the map itself:


Timothy Shimwell, an astronomer of ASTRON and Leiden University, stated as quotes:

This project is so exciting to work on. Each time we create a map our screens are filled with new discoveries and objects that have never before been seen by human eyes. Exploring the unfamiliar phenomena that glow in the energetic radio Universe is such an incredible experience and our team is thrilled to be able to release these maps publicly. This release is only 27% of the entire survey and we anticipate it will lead to many more scientific breakthroughs in the future, including examining how the largest structures in the Universe grow, how black holes form and evolve, the physics governing the formation of stars in distant galaxies and even detailing the most spectacular phases in the life of stars in our own Galaxy.

Astronomers also recently found a radio galaxy that’s more than 100 times bigger than the Milky Way. It’s called Alcyoneus, and it’s the biggest radio galaxy that was ever found by astronomers. 

There’s no guarantee, however, that astronomers won’t find a galaxy that’s even bigger than Alcyoneus one day. Astronomy was always good at surprising the world.

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