There Is No Advanced Extraterrestrial Civilization In The Visible Universe, A New Model Predicts

There Is No Advanced Extraterrestrial Civilization In The Visible Universe, A New Model Predicts

For the search for an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, the Fermi Paradox is still one significant obstacle. According to Enrico Fermi, a renowned Italian physicist, the paradox addresses the discrepancy between the chances that the extraterrestrial intelligence is abundant in the Universe and the lack of proofs in this regard.

After Fermi postulated the paradox, researchers tried in different ways to explain the discrepancy, but without any luck.

However, a new study carried out by the Future Of Humanity Institute (FHI) at the Oxford University came up with a new model that applies the Fermi Paradox. According to this new model, we are the only advanced civilization in the Universe, at least in the observable Universe.

The new research, named “Dissolving The Fermi Paradox,” the researchers, Anders Sanberg from the FHI, Eric Drexler, and Tod Ord, both from the Oxford University, revised the renowned Drake Equation.

The Drake Equation, postulated by Drake in the 60s, proves mathematically, based on several theoretical factors, that the number of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in the Universe we can contact is quite considerable.

Source: SETI Institute
There is no advanced extraterrestrial civilization in the visible Universe, the new model predicts

In this new study, the researchers revised the Drake Equation’s factors and implemented new models of chemical and genetic transitions to the origins of life.

“Many parameters are very uncertain given current knowledge. While we have learned a lot more about the astrophysical ones since Drake and Sagan in the 1960s, we are still very uncertain about the probability of life and intelligence,” observed Dr. Sanberg.

However, rather than concentrating on the value they could obtain using the equation’s uncertain parameters intervals, the scientists focused on the smallest and the most significant values they might’ve achieved with the actual knowledge.

This new model, as Dr. Sanberg puts it, yielded the result that the probability that Earthlings are the most advanced civilization in the Universe, to date, is high. However, the researchers concluded that this model doesn’t state that there is no advanced extraterrestrial civilization in the Universe, but only that humans are alone in the Milky Way, so far.


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