There are New Demands for the US to Improve Defense Against Asteroid Threat

There are New Demands for the US to Improve Defense Against Asteroid Threat

If you have to choose one certain nation to save the world, that has to be the USA. Or at least, that’s what many would be optimistic to say since NASA has its location there. Either way, the American space agency prepares to soon deploy a new mission to see if it can deflect an asteroid by simply smashing a spacecraft into it.

But even if it works, there’s still no 100 percent guarantee that the world is ready for the encounter with an asteroid capable of a global catastrophe. Of course, there’s no sign yet that such a space rock is heading our way, or at least that’s what NASA claims.

The USA has no clear plan against an Earth-threatening asteroid

According to The New York Post, experts are worried that the USA doesn’t have a reliable plan to prevent an impact with an asteroid that could pose a threat to life on Earth.

No space agency from the US would be responsible if an asteroid is heading our way, but NASA says that a possible impact with a dangerous one has very low odds – roughly one in a millennium.

However, check out what Danica Remy has to say for The New York Post, who is president of the B612 Foundation:

There are three million asteroids and we have not a freaking clue where they are and they are flying around us.

Peter Garretson, the former Air Force space strategist and also an expert in planetary defense, declared for Politico:

No one is tasked with mitigation,

Congress did put in law that the White House identify who should be responsible, but fully four subsequent administrations so far have blown off their request.

All we can do now is to keep hoping that the world will be prepared against a huge asteroid if it ever comes.

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